Popular Media

  1. January 2020: Transcending Borders in the Ethical Oversight of Human Genome Editing
  2. June 2019: “What does genetics mean for educational equity?”
  3. February 2019: “Challenges of Research Access and Accessible Research”
  4. January 2019: “Breaking Down Academic Silos: An Example from a Historically-Burdened Field”
  5. January 2018: “The IQ Test Wars: Why Screening for Intelligence is Still So Controversial
  6. November 2017: “Race, Education, and Empire: A Research Collective”
  7. January 2017: “Biosocial Science: The murky history of the nature and nurture debate.” 
  8. July 2016: “Can genes really predict how well you’ll do academically?” 
  9. April 2016: “Genetics: What it is that makes you clever and why it’s shrouded in controversy.” 
  10. October 2016: “Collaborative Science on Historically Burdened Concepts: Intelligence, Genetics, Race & Socio-economic Status.” 


Interviews/Invited Presentations

  1. May 2019: University of Wisconsin Summer Demography Seminar,The New Borderland: Genetics at the Schoolhouse Door
  2. March 2019: This Cambridge Life
  3. December 2018: Polygenic Prediction and its Application in the Social Sciences, Adversarial Collaboration in the Context of an Ugly History and Uncertain Future
  4. September 2018: The Conversation Anthill Podcast, Episode: Inheritance
  5. February 2018: Drive Time Podcast on IQ Tests


Academic Publications

  1. August 2019: Martschenko, D. (2019). DNA Dreams’: Teacher Perspectives on the Role and Relevance of Genetics for Education. Research in Education, 003452371986995.
  2. July 2019: Martschenko, D. (2019). The New Borderland: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Teacher Perceptions of Intelligence, Race, and Socioeconomic Status in Relation to Behavior Genetics (Doctoral Thesis). University of Cambridge
  3. February 2019: Martschenko, D., Trejo, S., & Domingue, B. W. (2019). Genetics and Education: Recent Developments in the Context of an Ugly History and an Uncertain Future. AERA Open, 5(1), 2332858418810516.